Monday, 21 April 2008


My wife's forbearance this year sees me taking my yearly indulgence to Ireland but she didn't half make me pay for it this time around. I've only just recovered from the mammoth DIY job on the lounge and hallway required to accrue the necessary brownie points for the week away with the other love of my life – the bike.

Simon will be joining me once again on his KLE500 (obviously well and truly bitten by the bug after last years Stella Alpina Rally jaunt) and for his first tour my Uncle Dave will be coming along on his Triumph Thruxton.

The three of us are planning on heading clockwise around the emerald isle taking in the four geographical extremities of the most Southerly, Easterly, Northern and Westerly points. Along with a few other landmark visits including the Isle of Man on the way home and the usual adventures a weekly tour will throw into the mix I'm sure this trip will be as amazing an experience as any.

As for the bike, my XTX is going through far less prep and modification than usual. Mainly because she's already good to go. I'm sure there will be the usual mad scramble to solve some unexpected problem prior to departure but that's all just part of the 'craic' isn't it?